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Hendor Pumps
& Filters Systems

Vertical, magnetic or sealed horizontal pumps and filtration systems for electropating applications.

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PE Rectifiers

Switch-mode, DC, pulse and pulse-reverse rectifiers for electroplating and anodizing.

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Mazurczak Heaters

Electric immersion heaters, temperature level sensors and controls.

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News and Updates

Introduction of D13 High Efficient Sealless Vertical Pump
Providing Cost Saving by Energy Saving

Hendor is pleased to introduce the new and innovative D13. The new D13 series will replace the D110 series as a 1-on-1 drop-in replacement.

The superb hydrodynamic design allows this new pump to provide 33% more flow with a 33% smaller motor. Resulting in a power saving of 42%, again proving the Hendor higher flow with smaller motor design concept.

This new innovative pump was chosen as winner by a renowned German Reel-to-Reel plating company after thorough evaluation and comparison with its peers. The new D13 was chosen because of its solid construction (providing a long service life and low down time), its high flow rate vs motor size and power saving potential.

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Hendor D13 series pump
Magnetic Drive Pumps
Improvements to Parts Design

At Hendor we are continuously working on improvement and innovation. Innovation in and for new products, but also of current products. The following pumps have been updated.

Please refence the page number in the PDF.

Page 1 - M110, M150, MX160, MX210, MX260

Page 2 - MX40, MX60, MX90, MX120

Page 3 - M110, M150, M220, M300, M400, M150-H, M220-H, M300-H

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Design Changes to Hendor Mag Drive Pumps
New D18 Series Vertical Pump
“Energy Saving” Pump

These innovative efficiency improvements enabled Hendor to reduce the motor one size while retaining the same capacity in the D18 as compared to the previous D170 series. Using energy more efficiently reduces energy consumption. This helps our customers to save on energy cost significantly and additionally to achieve sustainability goals. When using motors with energy class IE3 instead of IE2 power consumption is only reduced by approximately 3%. The new D18 however saves 10% to 20% on energy compared to similar pumps within the industry.

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Design Changes to Hendor Mag Drive Pumps